Tours in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
We invite you to travel in one of the world's most intriguing and fascinating countries. Our Jordan tours, our Desert and Petra tours will offer you special travel experiences, and you will return home feeling you have gained a unique appreciation for Mid Eastern culture. Most importantly we can offer you a truly wonderful time as you explore this country. Our Jordan tours are limited in size, so your group will never overpower the souk or village you are in. In fact, it is because our groups are so small, that we can offer so many totally unique travel experiences in this land. Please explore our web site, it will give you an overview of who we are, and the special places in your Jordan travels that we can offer you. We are tour designers; not travel agents or tour operators. In fact, we work with both. In North America, we design tours exclusively for Clarke-Way Travel Ltd in Toronto. Clarke-Way Travel, a member of the Carlson Wagon Lit group, is a full service agency, offering travellers a complete range of services, from air tickets to health and cancellation insurance. To find out more about Clarke-Way Travel, please visit their web-site at: In Jordan, we work with many certified operators, and we choose them depending on client need. For example, we will use different operators for a custom deluxe private tour of Amman, for our tours of the many desert areas, or for a small group exploration of Petra. For all custom and private tours of Jordan, our decisions will be determined by your interests and your budgets, not on the package preferences of our operators. All our tour operators in Jordan are fully certified professionals who take great pride in their service and, as we, are very proud of their reputation in the world of travel. The difference is that, on our tours of Jordan, they work for us!
Simple and Economical as well as Luxury Private Tours and Custom tours
We also specialize in offering custom tours to Jordan for other groups and organizations. We also design tours to the Biblical sites in both Jordan and Israel for church congregations, tours of Crusader Castles for historical societies, or explorations of classic civilizations for anthropologists. Aldpar can also offer you an exclusive private tour in Jordan, and we are very proud of our enthusiastic references. Please explore this site for more information. Custom tours of Jordan, luxury tours as well as our superb desert hiking and walking tours of remote desert castles. We are a click or a call away.

Perhaps the Black Sea Coast and Eastern Turkey?Gordion - city of Midas Hattusas - the fascinating city of the Hittites Amasya - atmosphere, and Ottoman house along the Yesilimak river.
Samsun - and other cities along the Black Sea
Trabzon - the great Sumela Monastery, the Aya Sophia, the mountain Lake Uzungol and it's wonderful trout streams and the dinners of course. Aydir - mountain spa town and its Swiss Mountain atmosphere. Great warm springs.
Rise - where the tea is processed, the tea institute and the mountain towns and the people who grow it.
Erzarum - driving over the mountains to this city of wonderful mosques and medreses of the Selcuk Turks.
Kars - ancient capital of Armenia, right on the border, wonderful ruins of Armenian churches destroyed by the Mongols, ghosts of the past everywhere.
Dogubeyazit - at the Iranian (Persian) border, Noah's Ark, Mount Ararat, and the photographer's dream, the palace of Isak Pasa.
Van - on Lake Van the magnificent turquoise blue lake, the Castle of Van of the Urarturians, the Kurdish castle of Hosap and the ancient Urarturian city of Cavustepe and a city of markets and bazaars.
Diyarbakir - the fabulous walls of basault built by Constantine and still surrounding this city. a very ancient mosque unlike any other in Turkey, the desert city of Mardin and the famous fifth century Zafaran Monastery.
Sanli Urfa - in Mesopotamia and the city of Abraham with the cave where legend says he was born, the carp pool and beautiful parks, the ruins of the city of Harran on the Syrian border with its beehive mud houses looking as they did when Rachel was here.
Ataturk Dam - on the Euphrates River
Nemrut Dag - six thousand feet up in the mountains is this fabulous ruin seen at twilight with its immense statues.
Gaziantep - "saved" mosaics from old cities flooded by the dam, with modern markets and a lovely museum on the Euphrates River.
Antakya or Antioch - where the term "Christian" was first coined, a city of mosques and churches, a famed mosaic museum, the cave church of St. Peter
Karatepe - wonderful Hittite ruin and reminder of Hattusas.

Where will you go? In western Turkey?
Istanbul - The magic city on two continents, with the Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, Rumeli Fortress, the Grand Bazaar, the Spice bazaar, the mosaics of the Kariye Museum.
Ankara - The modern capital, Ataturk Memorial, The Museum of Anatolian Civilization (one of the greatest museums in the world)
Cappadocia - A wonderland of sculptured rock, ancient monasteries, underground cities, awesome scenery and balloon rides at dawn. Underground pottery workshops and night clubs as well as weaving demonstrations.
Konya - Whirling dervishes, the tomb of the great mystic and poet, Jelaluddin Rumi. The gold bazaar, tile museum and treasured mosques.
Antalia - Jewel of the south coast, the old city enclosed in the old walls, the ruins of Perge, Aspendos, Termessos, coastal sailing on fabulous gulet to visit ancient cities like Olympus and Phaesalis.
Selcuk -Along the way and close by are Aphrodisias, Ephesus, the church and tomb of St. John, and the house of the Virgin Mary, the great temple of the Apollo at Didyma and the cities of Priene and Miletus.
Izmir - The seaport once called Smyrna, Alexander's castle, Pergamum and the Galen's Askeplion.
Ayvelik - A resort town on the Aegean Sea, beaches, pools and all that.
Cannakale - Troy! The war sites of Gallipoli and the Dardenelles.
Bursa - City of gardens, the Ottoman tombs and their incredible tile decorations, the Koza Han site of the famed silk bazaar and wonderful markets.
Iznik or Nicea - Walled city of Constantine's great conference, its lovely museum and gardens.

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